How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed? How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how will they hear without a preacher? Romans 10:14

Note: Paul Washer's preaching is strong and emotional.

John 21 Closing the Book (excerpts - the simple explanation of salvation) - Jim McClarty (21min - 2mb)

2Timothy 3 Gospel Message (excerpts) - Jim McClarty (28min - 3mb)

Christ Is All - Gene Harmon (35min - 4mb)

Saved by Grace Through Faith (Part A-excerpts) - Jeff Noblit (30min - 4mb)

Saved by Grace Through Faith (Part B-excerpts) - Jeff Noblit (32min - 4mb)

The Washing of Regeneration (excerpts) - Jim McClarty (42min - 5mb)

The True Gospel (excerpts) - Richard Caldwell Jr. (33min - 4mb)

The Gospel (excerpts) - Kevin Moore (25min - 3mb)

What is the Gospel (excerpts)? - Paul Washer (28min - 3mb)

Words of Hope - John MacArthur (53min - 6mb)

Basic Christianity (excerpts) - Paul Washer (22min - 3mb)

Looking at the Cross from God's Perspective (excerpts) - John MacArthur (53min - 6mb)

True Belief - John MacArthur (46min - 5mb)

Christ is All (excerpts) - Darvin Pruitt (32min - 4mb)

He Saved Us - Jim McClarty (60min - 7mb)

What is the Gospel? - Jim McClarty (14min - 2mb)


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Other Good Sermons

The Treasure Hid in a Field - Darvin Pruitt (36min - 4mb)

My Hope and My Heart - Darvin Pruitt (40min - 5mb)

Can We Know If We Know Christ? - Darvin Pruitt (47min - 6mb)

Holy Ghost Conviction - Dr. Curt D. Daniel (48min - 6mb)

Are You Trying to Reform Yourself (testimonial) - (19min - 2mb)

Sound Doctrine - Jim McClarty (46min - 6mb)

How People Get Saved - Jim McClarty (50min - 6mb)

Christ our Propitiation - Don Fortner (38min - 4mb)

Comfort Yourselves Together - Darvin Pruitt (41min - 5mb)

How Did You Get Here? - John Greene (49min - 6mb)

The Convicting of the Holy Spirit - John Greene (68min - 8mb)

What Does it mean to be Saved? - Darvin Pruitt (38min - 5mb)

What is it to Preach the Gospel? (excerpts) - Henry Mahan (19min - 2mb)

Galatians 2 (excerpts) - Jim McClarty (46min - 5mb)

The Uncompromising Gospel (excerpts) - Darvin Pruitt (31min - 4mb)